Trabzon City Tour


    (Departure time; 10:30 / TRABZON ARRIVAL; 17:30)

    *Trabzon province is one of the major cities to famous sights and historical geography.

    * At 10:30 in front of the moving hotel.

    *Journey which will take about 10-15 min and then appeal to travelers coming to the city for centuries, the construction was completed in the 13th century, the historic Orthodox church Hagia Sophia, which we are come.

    *After visiting the museum of Hagia Sophia, which means holy wisdom at the beginning of the 20th century was built immediately after the pilothouse are visiting Atatürk in a pine grove.

    *Following a tour around the famous mansion preserves the spirituality of Ataturk Trabzon Silver Filigree offer our esteemed guests.

    *For lunch, you’re moving Sera Lake. Restourantımızda found here, as well as the famous Tashkent joe kaygana hosts a combination of local flavors, kuymak, pickles, roasted, like wrapping.

    *After dinner, guests wishing bike tour of the lake, the lake can.

    *Our tour continues passing Boztepe Boztepe specific to the area with a panoramic view of the city from the urn yudumluyoruz teas.

    *Which is the largest shopping mall in the city according to the demand of guests who wish can visit the Forum.

    *17:30 concluding our tour

Trabzon City Tour


Trabzon City Tour

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Trabzon City Tour

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